An old garage door is considered to be a common weak point when looking at the home security. It can be an easy target for thieves as their entry point. Securing your old garage door does not only protect you and your families from the risks such as illegal break-ins, but you may end up preventing very serious injuries that may even lead to death.

Here are the 5 Keys to removing the risk from an old garage door.

1. Performing regular simple maintenance checks You should always perform the simple maintenance checks on a monthly basis. These involve thorough visual checks, regular balance checks, reverse checks, routine sensor tests, emergency release test, eye-beam or laser system tests and inspecting all the garage parts to determine if there are any issues.

2. Repair the old garage door regularly. Regular repair of the mechanical garage door parts will lengthen your old garage door lifetime. Some repairs, such as needs to be performed as earlier as possible to remove any risks that may be accompanied by the improper functioning of the garage door.

3. Don’t use the garage door opener for more than ten years The older the garage door opener, the more loose it becomes and hence inappropriate for use An old garage door opener should be replaced at least after ten years of service. You can install the modern day LiftMaster garage door openers which are simple, reliable, and dependable. They have quality performance over a long period of time. Burglars will not be able to easily break-in your home.

4. Let the garage door be repaired by a qualified expert You should cont service company to effectively repair your door. Their experts are highly qualified and experienced in handling all the problems related to the old. They also offer the best garage door maintenance advice. Sometimes you may decide to repair the garage door on your own, but in reality you are not a specialist. Garage door spring repair or garage door rollers replacement on your own can later cost you tens of thousands of dollars on the fees you will end up paying the professional garage door repair expert. It can also expose your family to big risks such as theft or very serious injuries.

5. Don’t leave the garage door open Some people decide to leave the old garage door in disrepair. They leave them open all time Most garage doors have a door that leads right into the house. If the garage door is not shut, someone can easily pop their heads in and grab some valuable items. Garage door repair is quite simple and there is no reason why you should leave the garage door in disrepair. Old garage doors can be worn out such that they can easily bruise your hands or perhaps your thighs. At this level, the security and safety of your house is at risk. Take advantage of the garage door special offers and replace it as soon as possible. A new garage door installation will completely remove all the risks you are facing currently.