A garage door opener needs to be maintained and tested periodically in order for it to operate efficiently and thus will ensure safety of your valuable automobiles and other valuable items. Garage door openers are beneficial because they help in opening of the garage doors that are always heavy and can be hard for you to move it. A garage door opener is supposed to stay for a long time and has both mechanical and electrical parts that need to be maintained but on rare occasions. Here are the fundamental ways of improving the life of garage door opener;

Eliminate the sagging chain 

You are expected to adjust the tension of the garage door openers chain in case it is sagging below the rail. This is because when it bangs the rail it will cause the sprocket to wear out unduly. You are supposed to use a pair of wrenches on the chain nuts that are in the turnbuckle. The chain should be tightened until it lies on approximately a half an inch above the rails base. Consequently you should always take care not to over tighten because it would affect the movement of the garage door. You should always be careful to follow the manual that was provided by the manufacturer you bought the garage door and the garage door opener from.

Adjust the limit screws

When your door does not open fully, you are advised to readjust the limit screws. You should first unplug the garage door opener. You can then try locating the up screw that lies on the power unit then you carefully adjust it carefully by turning it in an anticlockwise direction until it is in a negligible point where when you plug the opener it will run smoothly in the cycle.

Ensure the safety reversing sensors are working efficiently 

The safety reversing sensors are a pair of light beam devices that are adjacent to the lower part of the garage door. When the beam is broken and the garage door is closed, the safety reversing sensors will automatically reverse the garage door. The beam can sometimes be misaligned thus you should ensure that the sensors are facing each other through the opening of the garage door which will ensure the garage door opener functions properly which will in turn ensure the garage door works efficiently.

Lubricate and clean the drive chain and the track of the automatic door opener

In order to ensure your garage door opener works properly, you should at least lubricate the drive chain about two times a year. This is important because the drive chain allows smooth movement of the garage door opener which will ensure your garage door will be easier when being opened and closed as well. You are also advised to use oil that is light penetrating and the preferred one is always stated in the manufacturer’s manual. After lubrication you should clean the track by using a soft cloth thus will ensure that there is no dirt that will accumulate on the chain that can hamper the working the garage door opener.

In conclusion, the garage door opener needs to be maintained well because it is the most important part of your garage door because it performs the biggest part of the job which is the opening and closing of the garage door. You should ensure that garage door opener installation should be done with a lot of caution and in a professional manner. In case you need expertise to do your garage door opener installation or garage door opener replacement, you should not hesitate to contact Bay Area Garage door Experts who are dealers in garage doors and garage door openers and also offer the services that include garage door opener installation and the garage door opener replacement.