A private garage is one of the best things possible for your house. But, maintenance of the garage door is equally important because the door is the one that provides security to the stuff inside the garage. The part of a garage door that is most prone to damage is the garage door spring. It is a known fact that springs spoil with time and use.

Often people pay a little attention to this part, but overlooking the garage door spring repair for a long time can cause major damages to the door. So, it is always advisable to keep a regular check on this spring and as soon as it shows signs of damage, ensure that you repair it immediately.

Firstly, you need to keep in mind that there are two types of springs used in garage doors – Torsion springs and side mounted springs. The former types of springs are attached on a metal shaft, that is stationery and parallel to the door frame. On the contrary the side mounted springs are heavy ones mounted on both sides of the door frame, helping the door to open from both the sides.

With these tips for doing garage door spring repair, you can easily do it yourself and you no more have to be behind the team of garage door installation services to send repairmen for replacement of the spring. These tips will also help you to make the garage door spring installation/ replacement process easier and less time taking -

1. Ensure that you always replace all the springs together in sets. Do not replace just one or few springs. By doing so, the rest of the springs will spoil soon, and then you will have to repeat the entire process again. So, do it all at once.

2. Before replacing the springs, make sure that you release the entire tension from the spring. This can be achieved by lifting the garage door up to the maximum. Once you do this, attach the door onto the C- clamp, so that it doesn’t fall off when you detach the springs.

3. It is not always necessary that since the doors are completely open and that it is attached to the C-clamp, the springs are not holding the door. Ensure that the springs are completely useless by pulling the emergency rope puller to disconnect the springs from the doors.

4. It is to be noted that the springs are attached at two different points – one end is fixed end attached to the door while the other end is usually attached to the pulley. All you have do is, carefully detach the spring from both the ends, and replace it in the same way with new springs. Once these are done, check if the springs are tightly screwed and then release the clamp and let the garage door close. Check and see that the door is closing properly. If not, you can adjust the level of the spring or you can loosen it by an inch or two for perfection. Lot of new Torsion springs can be easily replaced using electric drillers today. So, before you set out to replace the springs, find out about it from the team of garage door spring installation team.

You safety is always important and be sure that you are doing it with utmost safety. Take help of one or two more people if you think you cannot do it alone. Do not settle for anything less than the best. Replacement of anything is an investment to a better and safe future, so ensure that the replacement done is the best. Call Bay Area Garage Door Experts to repair or replace your garage door springs.