If you’re hearing squeaky sounds in the garage, it is quite possible the door’s been jammed or the spring is broken. Regular maintenance of garage door is a necessity especially the springs since they’re likely to fall apart overtime. Though they generally last a long while, continuous lifting and constant weather change can weaken the metal or cause rust. One fine Sunday morning you find garage door springs broken and you’re in a fix! So what can you possibly do to alleviate the situation, perhaps call professional garage door repair services?

Garage Door Spring Repair Tips

Before you can get garage door spring repaired or replaced it is important to note what kind of spring system persists. A professional garage door spring repair agency comprehends two basic systems – Torsion & Extension springs. The former is placed on a stationary metal shaft that is centered above and parallel to the top of the garage door frame. Attached on one end to a immobile plate, the springs extend along the shank and function by means of cable attached on each side, at the bottom of the garage door panel. The latter is placed alongside the opening of the door; basically it is a heavy and long spring that functions using pulleys.

If you’re replacing the damaged garage door spring system, a new spring system is always installed in the form of a complete set. Everybody needs to know that having a faulty or weak spring system can lead to a number of problems especially since it upsets the normal balance of the garage door. Certified technicians use weather resistant powder coated on the spring to prevent friction and heavy corrosion. Installing a spring system within a range of 5000-10,000 cycles to a high grade steel system 25,000-50,000 cycles is a good option. Different kinds of springs suit different types of garage doors and only a skilled technician will recognize proper garage door spring repair.

What to Look For?

  1. Professionals who offer garage door repair services should follow the industry’s best and accepted practices using profound technology. Bay Area garage door experts are specialists in terms of garage door spring repair offering periodic care, maintenance and long lasting installation. If the spring system’s life expectancy is at a risk, repair specialists will replace or repair both the springs to avoid future inconvenience.
  2. Garage doors come in a variety of sizes and designs therefore it is hard to predict the right kind of spring system. Garage door specialists can analyze weight, performance and size of the door before assigning the ideal spring system. By performing a precise balance test, such professionals can easily finish the installation within an hour’s time. Safety inspection is necessary to ensure hardware is working properly.

If you’re thinking of hiring garage door spring repair services, rejoice in the expertise of such professionals who incorporate quality mechanics engineered to meet safety standards. For proper garage door spring repair, a technician ensures safety of working environment and supervises renovation to restore working conditions of the garage door. Professional garage door repair safeguards working mechanisms year long.