The first step towards successfully purchasing new torsion springs is being aware of the kind of torsion springs you need. There are thousands of torsion springs to choose from. New torsion springs need purchasing when you require a replacement. When springs wear out or are no longer functioning properly, they need to be replaced in a timely manner.

When faced with the issue of replacing torsion spring, there are many factors that you need to consider. What are these factors? Well, have a look.

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Factors to Consider

  • The springs need to be compatible with the garage door in order for them to be safe and effective. It is important to measure the garage door springs before making a purchase. Knowing the size of the wire ensures buying the right type of springs.
  • Torsion springs work under an extremely high level of tension. This is why it is essential to hire the services of professional technicians from Bay Area Garage Door Experts in the Bay Area to handle installations. Safety can only be in guarantee when professionals carry out installations and adjustments of torsion springs. Improper handling of the springs can result in serious injuries and damage.
  • Torsion springs typically are at the top of the middle section of the garage door. When springs are broken or damaged, you need to take the right measurements. If your measurements are not correct, springs you buy may turn out to be incompatible with the door or may not work as perfectly as you would have liked. When a garage door has two torsion springs, they both need replacing. This is because when one spring is broken, the other spring is highly likely to break within a short time.
  • Replacing both springs at the same time saves time and money. Some pairs of springs have the same dimensions while others feature different dimensions. Using springs that have the same dimensions is highly recommended because they last for a longer time.
  • The life cycles of torsion springs is dependent on how long the garage door springs are able to last in accordance with how frequent the door opens and closes. Purchasing the right torsion springs requires one to measure the garage door.

It is also advisable to measure the springs currently in use. Aspects that you need to consider when measuring the springs include the length and wire size. The weight of the garage door also makes it possible to buy new torsion springs.