While some garage door maintenance and safety tasks can be easily carried, there are others which need a trained service technician but it is always advisable to have a trained technician to carry out all garage door maintenance and repair tasks.

Following are necessary maintenance procedures that need to be carried out regularly;

Visual inspection

This is just an overview of the whole garage system. It involves checking for any signs of wear and tear or damage to hinges, rollers, cables, pulleys and springs. It also involves checking whether the mounting apparatus are getting weak. Discovery of an issue at this point is usually a sign of more serious issues and one should call a trained technician to do a thorough inspection.

Balance test

Before commencing this task, disconnect the automatic garage door opener system if your door is fitted with one. Then, lift the door manually and see whether it goes up smoothly. If you experience difficulty in opening it or if after pushing it up it goes back down, then you need to have your door serviced by a trained technician.

Reversing mechanism test

This is for garage doors that are fitted with automatic opener systems. These automated systems have an edge sensor and a reversing mechanism that helps prevent entrapment. To check whether the reversing system is operating optimally, open the door fully, and while open, place a wooden bar in the center of the door opening where the door touches the floor. Press the opener’s transmitter to close the door and see whether the door automatically reverses when it comes into contact with the wood, if it does not it is high time you got a trained technician to look at it.

Photo eye/ edge sensor test

This also applies to garage doors that are fitted with a reversing mechanism and a photo eye or edge sensor. For garage doors that don’t have these features, it is good to have an automatic operating system equipped to your door to improve its safety and to avoid entrapment. Open the door fully and while open, stretch a long object such as a mop stick in front of one of the doors photo eyes in order to break its beam and again see whether it reverses. If it does not, the photo eyes might be covered with dirt, so, clean them, adjust the eyes if they are out of alignment and repeat the test, if the door does not reverse. if not, it should be serviced by a trained technician.

Force setting test

This is again done on doors that have automatic opener systems. With the door fully open press the close button and as it comes down stretch your hands so as to hold up the bottom of the door and see whether it reverses and if it does not speedily pull away your hands. The door should easily reverse, if it does not, it needs to be checked by a trained technician.

All the above maintenance tasks should be carried out on a monthly basis. However, other tasks such as lubrication to the hinges, tracks and rollers can be done semi-annually.

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