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Repairs are always done when the garage door is not working or some parts have malfunctioned. Here are some reasons why a garage door opener may fail to work.

  • Safety eye failure, just six inches above the floor on the bottom of the garage on each side, there is safety eye and between them an invisible beam that prevents the door from closing once broken. If the door closes once the beam is broken, the safety eyes have malfunctioned. Check to see if they are not misaligned, blocked or dirty.
  • Door track failure due to misalignment; the door metal track is the one that the garage door runs on and should always be correctly aligned for the door to move up and down. Always check the door balance, check for gaps between the rollers to avert these problem.
  • The power run transmitter can fail if the batteries run out of power or goes out of place. Also check on the wall station transmitter to replace the batteries. They can also cause the door to open and close constantly even when operated so always the transmitters on check.
  • Due to the weight, the door may fail to go up, these could be because the springs. Either they are broken. Also the opener may be working very hard to lift the door and sometimes may fail, in such cases call experts for professional services and lasting solutions.
  • The door opener setting can also affect the door opening and closing, these may be due to the limits set for your garage door to open and close. These limits instruct garage door opener when the garage door is fully closed. Too settings may result to door will hitting the floor and then the opener will reverse automatically. Call experts for the correct settings or check the garage door manuals.
  • Broken cables connecting the tension spring or broken garage door springs may result to the garage door closing with a bang. The weight of the door is greater than the spring can hold. Find technicians to help you with this issue.


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