What function do torsion springs perform? Torsion springs carry the bulk of a garage door’s weight so that the door can be opened both manually and automatically through a remote opener. However, no matter how good or effective the torsion spring of a garage door is, it can’t escape sustaining wear and tear as time passes by. Spring replacement is no child’s play and garage door users are recommended that they get the torsion spring of their doors replaced by experts. However, anyone who is really keen on replacing their torsion spring themselves must first gain as much knowledge as possible about garage door springs or else they may fail to pull off this tricky task successfully.

Meanwhile, let us suppose that you live in Concord and are faced with the stiff task of replacing the torsion spring of your garage door. If you aren’t confident enough of carrying out the replacement yourself, you shouldn’t really worry too much as there is no dearth of companies in Concord that offer services like garage door spring replacement, broken garage spring repair etc. to their clients. Just do a search with the words “garage door spring replacement in Concord CA” and you should succeed in finding the right service provider for yourself.

Those who wish to become knowledgeable about torsion springs must know that these springs come in different sizes. To carry out a spring replacement correctly, a garage door user should know exactly what the winding radius, wire dimension and the length of their garage door spring should be so that it offers the right amount of torque. A golden rule of spring replacement is that both the springs of a garage door must be changed at the same time.

Garage door users can obviously visit a brick-and-mortar store for buying a torsion spring but if what they are looking for is not available among physical store retailers, the order can be placed online. Online suppliers just need to be apprised of the correct dimensions and then they readily provide their customers with exactly the kind of door spring that they wish to use in their garage door. We here at Bay Area Garage Door Experts do something similar and we give our clients the liberty to approach us with just about any garage door issue that may require expert assistance to be sorted out successfully.