Winter months are usually very cold. Such extremely low temperatures do come along with several side effects to the garage doors such as difficulty in opening and closing, cold garage interiors, and the difficulty in getting in or getting out of the garages due to clogged pathways, among others. It is therefore necessary to protect the garage doors during winters.

The following discussions are aimed at discussing the various ways to protect garage door during winters: 

Fixing or Replacements of Weather-stripping

Weather strips seal the tiny spaces in between the garage doors and the garage door opening. This prevents the seeping into the garages of cold air during the winter months and in so doing, help to retain the warmth of the garages. In order to protect the garage doors during winter months, it is necessary to either fix, or replace these components.

Fixing the Garage Doors

The garage doors themselves are susceptible to several problems such as cracks, perforations, and wear and tear. It is thus necessary for garage door maintenance chores to be carried out appropriately before the onset of winter. This could by way of insulating the doors, sealing holes, and fixing cracks e.t.c in order to prevent the inflow of cold air to the garages during the winter months.

Lubrication of Moving Parts

During the cold seasons, the moving parts of garage doors have the tendency to sticking and stalling. It is therefore imperative that those moving parts be lubricated way before the onset of the winter in order to ensure that they will keep being operational even in severe cold weather.

Securing the Driveway

The driveway may become so frozen that the belt and other movable parts collide or stall during winter. It therefore needs to be secured by among other intervention mechanisms spreading salt or sand. In this way, the smooth flow of the various components is guaranteed at all times.

Regular Shoveling

Shoveling refers to the act of getting rid of the snow, sleet and other debris that may accumulate in, near, and around the garage doors during the winter months. It is necessary to shovel the garage doors on a regular basis in order to avoid the build-up of the said debris and also to make the task of restoring the landscape after the winter much simpler.

Call for Action

Considering the fact that protecting the garage doors during winters may be too intriguing for the average home owner due to reasons such as the lack of the necessary tools and equipment, work experience, physical strength, and all the other pertinent prerequisites, it is only logical that they delegate this duty to a qualified and experienced garage door company.

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