If you experience the problem of the door only closing when you hold the wall button, you are not alone. This is a common problem faced by our customers and, at Bay Area Garage Door Experts, we provide timely solutions.

When the door does not get down unless you hold the wall button down, it can be due to faulty sensors or a blockage between them. If the beam of the sensor is disrupted this will have the effect of causing the door to reverse. There may also be an excessive amount of resistance arising from defective components of the door.

Determining what the Problem is

  • If the movement of the door is not smooth or requires too much effort, parts of the door such as the track may be damaged. In this kind of situation, it is important to contact a professional technician.
  • Another common situation involves the garage door opening when the remote is used. In this situation, the door moves in the reverse direction when you press the close button. This indicates that there could be a problem with the sensor in terms of its alignment.garage door maintenance
  • Sensors can be easily misaligned and need proper positioning in order for them to work. When there is a problem with the sensors, the transmitters will not function and prevent the closing of the garage door.
  • The door will barely move before it goes in the reverse mode when it goes in the other direction. When this situation occurs, it will only be possible to close the garage door by holding down the wall button. You will need to hold down the wall button until the door is completely closed. This is the only option at this point to keep the door closed.

Correcting this kind of problem will require steps towards ensuring the cleanliness of the sensors. Connections of wires also need checking along with making sure the proper alignment of the sensors. You can also reset the garage doors to help get the sensors working again. If sensors need replacing, do not hesitate to get in touch with Bay Area Garage Door Experts for the best garage door service.